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  • The Bio 25 rotary jet head is a hygienic tank cleaning machine that provides 360° coverage within a given tank or process vessel. The Bio 25 is self powered by the flow of the fluid through the inlet cone of the machine. An increase in pressure and flow will correspondingly increase the length of the jet and impact upon the tank or vessel surfaces. The Bio 25 employs exclusive self-washing features that allows itself to be completely covered and has been certified in rinse validation protocols such a riboflavin rinse validation and yogurt washing trials.
    Quality Standards

    The Bio 25 is produced in accordance to stringent quality standards and meets or exceeds ISO 9001 International Quality Standards as well as conforming to the cGMP as detailed by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration and EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group).
    Typical Cleaning Methods:

    + Fixed Installed CIP Systems

    + Multi-Tank Solution Recovery

    + Single Use/Single Pass

    + Single Use/Recirculatory

    Typical application for the Bio 25:

    + Process vessels and reactors

    + Storage tanks

    + Transportations tanks

    + Fermenters

    + Yeast propagation

    Flow: 6-45 m³/h

    Inlet pressure: 3-14 bar

    Max pressure: 14 bar

    Recommended pressure: 6 bar

    Max temperature: 95°C

    Max ambient temperature: 140°C

    Weight: 7 kg

    Connections standards 1,5” BSP or NPT, weld adapter

    Material: AISI 316L, PTFE/GLASS (alt. PE1000), PEEK, Tungsten, AI2O3

    Lubrication: Cleaning media

    Bio 25 is an advanced tank cleaning machine specially developed for:

    + Food & Dairy

    + Pharmaceutical

    + Chemical Processing

    + Transportation

    + Beverage


    + Self-washing required

    + Low fluid consumption

    + Hygienic design


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