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  • The SC 20 is a tank cleaning machine specially developed for the cleaning of small industrial tanks where product residues are hard to remove and cleaning volumes need to be kept to a minimum. The device can either be used on a fixed installed or portable basis and is available in two, three or four nozzle configurations. The external drive is an electrical motor being 230V(AC) although other alternatives are available on request.

    Tank connection is a bayonet coupling making it easy to remove the machine from the tank without the need for tools. The tank connection is protected by a blind cover during periods of machine removal.
    Quality Control, Compliances & Certifications

    The SC 20 is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standards and our certificate of conformity and accreditation is available on request.

    Additionally, the SC 20 conforms to United States ASME standards for construction and others… available upon request.
    Typical applications for the SC 20:

    + Paints and coatings process vessels

    + Solvent tanks

    + Totes and IBC’s

    + Heavy duty process vessels

    Flow: 10-45 l/min

    Inlet pressure: 50-150 bar

    Max pressure: 170 bar

    Recommended pressure: 100 bar

    Max temperature: 95°C

    Rotation speed: 4 rpm

    Full cleaning cycle: 12 min

    Standard length: 0,5 or 1 m

    Weight: 6,2 kg

    Inlet connection: G 3/8”

    Tank connection: Bayonet coupling

    Materials: AISI 316, PTFE, PEEK

    Lubrication: Cleaning Media

    + Electrical external drive

    + Fixed or portable

    + Bayonet coupling

    + High impact

    + Low volume

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